Passerby Chorale

by Gabriel Lynch

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released January 7, 2012

Passerby Chorale performed by:
Gabriel Lynch - vocals/guitars/percussion/keyboards
Charles Lim - piano/keyboards
Owen Downie - bass/banjo
Andrew Rousch - drums/percussion
Paul Williamson - trumpet/flugelhorn
Jennifer Mills - Cello
Natasha Conrau - Violin

Additional voices and clapping:
David Dower, Ben Nieuwkerk, Nyssa Bradsworth, Yelka Ishmakovich, Ee Shan Pang, Benjamin Dalton, Josh Kelly, Tom Whiting, Aliki Watson-Jones, Elodie Adams

All music and words written by Gabriel Lynch

Recorded and mixed by Doug Brady at Armstrong Studios
Mastered by Rupert Coffey at Edensound

Artwork by Jenny Zeng
Photography by Ian Coomaraswamy at IC Captured



all rights reserved


Gabriel Lynch Melbourne, Australia

"...a million sales await” (Inpress, April 2009).

"really lovely, really honest music with a buoyant heart" - BEAT Magazine (July, 2011).

"sweet, darling, sensitive and emotionally charged" - (July, 2011).

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Track Name: Leaving Florence
It occured to me that this is it; a short spark a lifetime
And I was thinking about the things I’ve done and what I’ve still to do
I’ve made some terrible mistakes so far and for that I’m grateful
The cold air’s biting as I make my way and everything seems new

But at this early hour, could I be fast asleep
And revisiting by moonlight all these places I have been?

No echoes rattle up the arcade trails and I’ve no direction
There’s no chorale of passersby to take my identity away

I board an empty train and fall into my seat
I start to close my eyes when I feel tugging at my sleeve

A little girl is quite concerned
She’s with her mother and she wonders why I’m not

She promises she’ll wake me when we reach my stop
Track Name: This is Love
Those cut throat stares
These vacant effortless affairs
The same old opportunities pass by
Those faceless threats
That shame mistaken for regret
Directionless, determined I’m made for you

This is love

Two empty chests
That space where men can never rest
Incredible and violent and still
That old desire
The only reason we perspire
The sound which hearing makes me the one for you

This is love
Track Name: Where I'm Going Next
Scattered conversation; partly English, part Italian
Every sentence we speak is a victory
Finding our feet among the cobblestones in streets
That lead to nowhere we need, just somewhere new to be

I don’t know where I’m going next

The further I go and the less that I sleep, well the clearer it all becomes;
This is simple, this is easy
The more time that passes the less that I’ll need you and soon I will just forget
This is simple
If only that were true

Breaking up each evening, ten’s a crowd, fifteen’s a party
Sober now for a while, until we start again
Strangers are our company; can friendship last when oceans get placed straight in between?
I know they can

I wonder where I’m going next
Track Name: The Way I See
You remind me of a girl who I once knew
She was better than me at sport and the things most boys would do
And she never would’ve stood down from a fight
I’ll admit she gave me one or two black eyes

But she was honest and spoke her mind
Even said the things that no one wants to hear
I thought she was one of a kind but I was wrong
And it was you who made that clear

You’re perfect as you are, and that’s how I’d like to be
If you could see yourself in the way I see

You would doubt it, but you’re the coolest friend to have
In a world where no one really gets your back
Yes it’s true I lose my balance when you’re around
Trying not to look as silly as I sound

I’m tired of all these people
Who think that they have really done it hard
They write songs, create obscure bits of art
When there was no inspiration from the start

But what I really love is how simple you make it seem
To see straight through their lies in the way you see

You’re perfect as you are, and that’s how I wish I could be
If you could see yourself in the way I see
Track Name: Jordana
I am counting
I am counting up all my flaws and extremities
Every instance, every venomous stain
There won’t be any pain

It is ending
It is ending today; this succession of uncertainty
Walking barefoot in the pouring rain
There won’t be any pain

I am quiet
I am quiet for now; in the moment there is clarity
I find redemption in these circling flames
There won’t be any pain
Track Name: Such a Funny Thing
When it rains, these days it pours
And another disaster opens up its claws
I’m tired of feeling down
And I’ve not been better since you’ve been around

And hope; it’s such a funny thing
It can make us strong of overwhelm us with its sting
But I know I’ll get through
Now I’m singing to myself when I’m thinking about you

So long to yesterday
When, if I tried to touch you, you’d just turn away
I’ve heard you need romance
And there’s nothing I can’t do if you give me the chance

And lust; it’s such a funny thing
It can take us over, it can lead us by a string
But I found something new
Now I’m singing to myself when I’m thinking about you

You, you’re such a funny thing
You could tear me to pieces and leave me sobbing in a sling
But maybe, if I’m good to you
And if I only tell the truth
Then maybe, just maybe what you’ll do
Is start singing to yourself when you’re thinking about me too
Track Name: Missing Parts
You wore your dress to look the part
You played the part
You took your debt and carried it
But you’d forget

Some of us are hurting too much
Every seam, every stitch comes undone
But all of us are missing parts
And I am not one

You closed your eyes; you couldn’t see their sacrifice
For what was real wasn’t real enough to mean enough

We’ll cut you out
We’ll string you up
We’ll cut you down

Some of us are hurting too much
We’ve been scratching the itch far too long
But all of us are missing parts
And I am not one
Track Name: Come Back to Me
If I’d known that it would come to this
I would risk it still, now knowing what I’ll miss
It’s hard imagining the time
When every single moment you weren’t on my mind

And now I can’t be sure
About what all this time apart will have in store
I’ll kiss your lips right before I leave
Sweetheart, please come back to me

Maybe somehow both our paths will cross
Somewhere distant while it’s snowing and we’re lost in a crowd
We’ll find each other’s warm embrace
And I will take your hand and press it to my face

And just like when we met
I’ll probably find myself running out of breath
Each road it ends with you it seems
Sweetheart, please come back to me

I hope that this doesn’t startle you
I hope you’re feeling more than fear
Some people say that maybe it’s too soon
Well all I know is I need you here

And I’ll admit I’m scared
Wherever you end up I’ll wish that I was there
But I will hold you in my dreams
So sweetheart, please come back to me
Track Name: Beneath the Sand
Steady; breathe in again
My armour’s weaker now, so let’s pretend
You hear the things you don’t
You’ve learned to read my mind and still you won’t

See through me, and the lies that I have told
The ways we’ve hurt ourselves and turned so cold
Protect me like you never had a doubt
My armour’s weaker now but I stand proud

Find me beneath the sand
That clings onto your feet and to your hands
Stop me from losing all
The ones who time and time again stopped me before

We could be left alone
We could have changed the past and never known
I am hidden and still I hide
When will you find me? What will you find?

So we say, ‘hey I’m trying!’
I’m trying and nothing seems to work
All this strain comes from trying
And trying, and knowing what it’s worth
I will stumble but I’ll keep trying
And trying, and promising I’ll come back to you
Track Name: The Tall Oak
Out in the courtyard where the garden won’t grow
The place we collided all those long years ago
The tall oak was standing and the daffodils bloomed

We watched as it flourished in the short time that passed
But we didn’t know that the light wouldn’t last
Buildings kept rising, casting shadows as well
The tall oak was standing when the last leaves, they fell
Track Name: Last December
Describe a picture perfect day to me
Tell me all about the beauty in the things you’d see
Recount your favourite moments from the past
Leave nothing out and save the sweetest bits until last
And try to remember all the detail
And find new meaning in a joke even though the punchline failed

Well the future’s so demanding
And it’s hard enough today
Every month feels like December while we wait and try to find another way

So while we reminisce about the times that it all when wrong
We’ll keep on looking for a sign
We’ll pause while you recollect your thoughts
While you find the place that your story got cut short
And I will sit in silence while you do
Then I’ll describe a picture perfect day to you

But we’re strong now more than ever and there’s nothing they can say
And we’ll make it like December, just you wait
We’re going to find another way
Track Name: The Final Thread
I remember the stories they used to tell me long before I met you
All the endings intended to leave you a smile and the feeling that it might be true
That’s the thing that roped me in and now I wish I knew

We are on our final thread
We’ve been holding on too long
Slipping now, and I suppose it’s easier to just let go
So before my bones turn numb
And in case we change our minds
Well if I don’t want to I don’t have to say goodbye

So take care of yourself and pay no attention to anything they’ll say to you
Except for those words that are brimming with love and that hearing helps to get you through
All you need now isn’t me and that’s all I need too

Suddenly the breeze is blowing the other way
The ground is shifting; the earth it’s shifting
Down beneath the angry sea is waiting
The boat it’s sinking now and we’re both sinking

No, I still don’t want to but I have to say goodbye
Track Name: Beside Your Pillow, in Your Attic
They’ll see us
Straight through to where we store our secrets
The marrow in our bones
But there are few who’ll pay attention
They’ll quell the spirit that you’ve kept
Beside your pillow, in your attic
When there was no hope left

Slaves to the grind
A paper deity
Please don’t subscribe
Don’t force your clothes to fit
An open honest heart will conquer
The doubts that others cannot shake
Belief is all you’ve ever needed
Believe it’s not too late

Be strong with those who stand beside you
Don’t take for granted what they give
Your dreams are yours to dream forever
And it’s your life to live
So hold on
Just hold on